2/17 Random Acts of Kindness Day

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LizzieDore_ARSRandom Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day – it’s a thing. Some of you may have been socialized with the day back in college. Others of you may be beaming with positivity and 100% have this day marked on your calendar like its a national holiday. And some look up ways to be kind and this special day came up in your Google search. Either way, it’s never a bad idea to be a kind human in this world. 

In the spirit of day, I would like to bring attention to a special human in particular that is one of our own at  Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS). When I first came to ARS, she was my left-hand woman for any questions or concerns I had.  Each day, I continued to watch her as she selflessly helped others. Even on the most stressful of days, she somehow found a smile or laugh within herself. 


Individuals like Kathleen, are one of a kind because they would literally give you the shirt off their back. As I was writing this post, I reached out to Kathleen for a power quote her Aunt used to say:

If you choose being nice over being right – you can never go wrong.

She asked for what and in good-old Kathleen form – she again offered to help. What transpired after is what blew me away. First off – she responded back to me with, “I love RAOK!” If you don’t know what that means, you aren’t alone – it’s the abbreviation for Random Acts of Kindness and used primarily for their YouTube following…Yep – it’s a thing.

Kathleen then told me that she makes up dozens of sandwiches or cups of soup and passes them out to the homeless in Providence every other month. To give you some context, Kathleen is an overcomer. Despite the circumstances she was given, she got herself a professional job, she excels at work, raises two special needs children, and is a loving wife. The girl is a superhero in my eyes…then she tells me, in her spare time she takes what she has left and gives it back. On that note, let us all make an effort to be kind – even a smile can make a world of difference in someone’s day.

Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS)

At Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS), we help individuals donate cars to charity. We see every car donation as an opportunity to give back via cars for charity. ARS has streamlined a process for donating a car that is simple for donors, tax deductible, and is leading the industry with 80% of proceeds going to charity. 

Elizabeth Dore-Welch2/17 Random Acts of Kindness Day

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