Advanced Remarketing Services is Proud of Co-Workers on Veteran’s Day

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This Veteran’s Day, at Advanced Remarketing Services we reflect about how important American veterans of the armed forces are.  We have veterans working here in our office that we are not only proud to call part of our family, but also our heroes.  Veterans make the ultimate sacrifice by risking their lives to ensure that we, as Americans, are free and safe.  For that, we here at ARS are proud to work alongside veterans and be able to help raise money for numerous veteran charities through our vehicle donation program, Car Donation Wizard.

In the office we were asked to write down names of friends and family who are veterans of the armed forces and what branch they served in.  We observed a moment of silence as one of the veterans in our office, Silvana, read off the list of names we accumulated.  It was an emotional moment, and a real bonding experience.  Advanced Remarketing Services also bought lunch to honor our veteran co-workers.  It was a great day here to really show how many of us have loved ones that have been enlisted.  Also, it showed us how important our veterans car donation program is to ensure that veterans and their families get the services they deserve for their sacrifices.  

To all the veterans out there- thank you for your dedication to making America free and keeping us safe.  Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate you not just on Veteran’s Day but year round.

Marlayna NevilleAdvanced Remarketing Services is Proud of Co-Workers on Veteran’s Day

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