Getting Healthy, Getting Happy!

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Rhode Island to central Venezuela…
Miami to Oregon…
San Francisco to central Pennsylvania…

This past May we held a GET FIT CHALLENGE in the office and any one of those routes is how far our combined steps would take us if we walked in a straight line.  Together, 25 of us took more than 480,000 steps over the course of the month!  We’re proud of that number and all it represents.

To us it means we got up off our seats and moved more than we normally do.  We reduced stress, slept better, burned more calories, got more fresh air and oxygen which helped us think better.  It means we got together outside of work and created new bonds.  We pushed ourselves to reach goals we didn’t think we could reach.  We surprised ourselves…in a good way.  We encouraged each other and talked smack to one another, but ultimately cheered for one another’s accomplishments.  We strengthened the team and learned about one another.  We came out of the challenge a bit healthier, a little stronger, and a lot happier for having done something good for ourselves.

It’s no secret that a being healthy is a critical part of one’s ability to contribute value.  And, happy employees are generally more productive.  So, it makes sense for us to participate in get fit challenges together…and for the company to give us the incentive do to it!  That way, we work better on YOUR behalf!

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Emily KelleyGetting Healthy, Getting Happy!

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