Is Your Junk Car Recyclable or Landfill Bound?

Each year, around 10 million vehicles are disposed of in the United States. Before vexing your conscience, you should know that over 95 percent of these “retired” cars head straight to one of the 7,000 vehicle recycling operations around the country and 75 percent of these cars’ parts are completely recycled, letting cars claim top spot as the world’s most recycled product. As the hottest commodity at the moment, steel, iron and other metals comprise about 65 percent of the average vehicle, making the reuse of this product vital to overall automotive recycling efforts. Find out which parts of your vehicle end up in a landfill, and which parts don’t, or learn how you can recycle your own car.

S.A. StevensonIs Your Junk Car Recyclable or Landfill Bound?

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