We Walk In Their Honor

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The employees in our company really care…about each other, the work we do helping you donate your car, we care about our clients and partners, and the world around us. You’ll often find us engaged in supporting the important work of our valued charity partners. Whether working with children, building a home, or holding a fundraiser, we strive to be of value to one another and the underserved. It’s a pretty great place to work!

Right now, there’s a ton of excitement in the office for the American Cancer Society’s BARK FOR LIFE relay happening in Rhode Island on May 3, 2015. The ACS is one of our top charity partners and we’re all “animal lovers” so everyone is really looking forward to participating in this new event. On a bright, warm day at the beginning of May (there will be no rain!), dogs and their humans will walk in honor and celebration of cancer patients everywhere including our canine companions who give so much compassion and have also endured cancer fights of their own. What a cool idea!!

We recognize and appreciate the awesomeness of our employees, but it’s still incredible that more than 50 of us have joined together to form the CARS FOR A CURE team! This is a HUGE team for the ACS event and represents 30 percent of our combined workforce coming together in the fight against cancer!

In addition to forming this super team, our company hosts a fundraiser every other week in support of BARK FOR LIFE. Each event is planned, organized and managed by a handful of employees often requiring hours of preparation during their personal time. Whether it’s hosting an ice cream social or selling emblems that memorialize and honor loved ones, everyone here remains dedicated, compassionately supportive and generous.

We’re a company of people who walk the walk because we want to affect change in the world. By design, charities are created to help make the world a better place. We want to follow their example. However, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t take 50+ people to make a difference…it takes just one. We challenge you to be the change YOU want to see in the world and find your unique way of making a difference for the causes that mean the most to you.

If you’d like more information about the BARK FOR LIFE event, or ways to support the American Cancer Society, visit www.RelayForLife.org/BarkRhodeIsland.  If you are interested in donating a car to the ACS or other charity important to you, visit www.CarDonationWizard.com.

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